Andres Escobar

Design Principal, Partner , Lemay + Escobar Architecture, D.P.C.

In his 30-year career, Andres has made a name for himself for delivering ardent luxury projects that create substantial value for its clients, both for private users and for communities. To name a few, The Summit and Charlie West are both hi-end residential livings that sparkle in Manhattan's midtown area and market; The Watermark at Brooklyn Heights will soon set a milestone in senior community projects; One Times Square was highly acclaimed for creating three unique artistic digital pieces to form a giant,  350-feet-tall display at One Times Square in NYC; Four Seasons Hotel Montreal deploys a peaceful aesthetic with contemporary lines, and establishes a dialogue with the surrounding built environment;  and the project for Casablanca promenade is set to develop a new seaside passage for Casablanca's Hassan II Mosque and the Ain Diab corniche in Morocco, along five kilometers of coast. Comprised of a  team of 450 talented professionals between New York and Montreal, Lemay + Escobar embraces an inclusive, diverse workplace. The firm takes pride in the range of nationalities, genders, cultures, ages,  and backgrounds of the team that help contribute to the unique perspectives, innovations, and creativity of the firm's projects. This diverse collection of viewpoints is an unquestionable source of strength behind some of Lemay + Escobar's most successful projects. Backed by a vivid workplace, and imbued with a profound awareness of details and materials, and an understanding of the international vision of top investors and developers, Lemay + Escobar Architecture D.P.C created its own language of blended luxury, value, and potency.