42 Tung St.

The Oval Partnership

Client: The Development Studio, Ltd.

Project Lead Designer: James Pierce

Architecture Design Team: Norman Li (team leader), Krystal Tsui (design coordinator), Carmen Lee (designer), Nick Chu (designer), Shervan Chan (designer)

Interior Design Team: Wendy Tsai (team leader), Larissa Leung (designer), Gabrielle Yim (designer), Amanda Hwa (designer)


Authorised Person : Arthur Yung and Associates Company Limited

Structural and Geotechnical Engineer: C M Wong & Associates Ltd.

Building Services Engineer: Talent Mechanical & Electrical Engineers Ltd.

Façade Consultant: Inhabit Asia Ltd

Lighting Consultant: Inverse Lighting Design Limited

Landscape Designer: Adrian L. Norman Limited

Our client Development Studio tasked us to architect a luxurious residential icon for the Tai Ping Shan area that showcased extraordinary creative design alongside thoughtful and context sensitive market positioning. Our answer is the 42 Tung Street that you see today, a single residential tower and a 3-storey commercial podium completed this year in the Poho area of Sheung Wan. 

This bespoke 23-storey residential development encompasses 13 boutique residential units (9 simplexes and 4 duplexes). Each residence is served by an individual lift lobby providing an exclusive sense of arrival and an extended entry experience that starts with the lift on the ground floor. It has a distinctive modular façade design that both respects and adds value to the quality of the street environment, a design that ultimately aims to project a positive and recognisable identity and image for the district and city. 

We adopted a neighbourhood design approach with a crafted building design aimed at encouraging a sense of belonging and civic pride complemented by street-level open space, landscaped terraces and balconies serve to enliven the streetscape and improve the local urban environment. 

At Oval Partnership, we start each project with market research and finding that unique narrative informed by cultural context. The characteristic yet modest architectural design of our project with reference to traditional Tong Lau aims to blend the development into the built environment and promote civic pride with a sense of belonging.

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