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Captivating canvases adorn the walls and ceiling, depicting a hidden story referencing Japan's Golden Age movement throughout the 1960s. The customised graffiti titled, 'Relight My Fire. My Heart's Desire' is hand applied by talented artist Gary Yong. Influenced by details gathered from the Zeitgeist of Japanese pop culture, the melting pot of traditional paintings, the golden era of Art Deco and graphic design from various 1960s and 70s movements, he wrapped them up with a modern twist of street art and graffiti-style execution. 

He created new and original visuals that pay homage to the past but set new trends breaking away from cliches. A dark and moody yet playful persona emerges from the surrounding artwork, reinforced by carefully planned groups of seating. A centralised Negroni gaming table is the focal point involving guests in a unique dice game that determines their drink of the night. Guests can get lost looking out the windows over the ever-changing Dubai Marina skyline while they dance the night away.

Project / Client Brief

To create a speakeasy bar on the 44th floor of Grosvenor House. Access was to remain through City Social restaurant on the 43rd floor. To design a nightlife hotspot for guests into the early hours of the morning. 

About the Execution

The main execution of the project was the ceiling and wall graffiti. Decorators painted the walls and doors onsite. Wallpaper was painted offsite with careful coordination of 10 panels, later applied to the ceiling. 

Challenges overcome

The main challenge was installing the ceiling graffiti while maintaining and managing all the MEP fixtures. Prolab fabricated and maintained the integrity of the artist's wallpaper. 

Size: 120 square metres