Elkus Manfredi Architects

Client: National Development

Boston’s first Inclusive Living™ residence, 7INK offers the quality of a luxury apartment, a ready-made social community, and hotel-style amenities, including a communal kitchen and lounge, co-working and meeting spaces, as well as fitness facilities, shared rooftop space, and housekeeping services — at a price accessible to young renters.

The 14-story, LEED Gold-certified building is a landmark departure for multi-unit residential development that reflects the evolving desires of a new generation who seek a sustainable lifestyle with smaller personal living areas and access to common amenity spaces and the vibrant urban neighborhoods around them.

Interiors celebrate a youthful, inclusive, free-spirited attitude. An electric juxtaposition of color, texture, and nostalgia welcomes residents and visitors. The lobby features a central winding staircase surrounded by brilliant vermillion mailboxes, a 15-foot scoreboard from the former Boston Garden, and a typographically-inspired metal reception desk, a nod to the site’s previous occupant, the Boston Herald newspaper. 

The Great Room is the building’s social center. A sectional sofa invites residents to settle into the “sunken living room” with a laptop and snacks from the full-service coffee bar. The shared kitchen and dining room feature innumerable opportunities for casual socializing among residents. Curved booths extend the range of seating options, helping to create an active hub of connection and interaction. 

With its unique architecture, furnishings, and art, generous amenities, and fresh spirit—combined with a more accessible price tag—7INK allows a new and energetic demographic of young people to make their home in the heart of the city.