Aberdeen Music Hall


The creative adaptation of the Category A-listed Aberdeen Music Hall aimed to repair, refurbish and conserve the listed building whilst improving its operational facilities and making it more accessible, sustainable and appealing to the public. The main music hall has concealed indirect linear lighting to highlight the building’s impressive neo-classical ceilings and painted mural set above the organ. Access and structural restrictions meant that ambient lighting had to come from the sides of the building. This is provided by subtle wall mounted gimbal head luminaires that respond to the architecture of the room. Integrated handrail lighting marks the edge of the mezzanine level and recessed downlights provide ambient lighting under the mezzanine. Three principal historic spaces Promenade, Crush Hall, and Rondo, have their domed and vaulted ceilings illuminated by indirect linear lighting and adjustable direct lighting delivered by purpose built open stainless steel halo chandeliers that also act as a focal point to these grand formal rooms. Bespoke chandeliers are manufactured by Scottish Mike Stoane Lighting. New café, bar and basement toilets have contemporary lighting using a combination of integrated linear and recessed downlights. This crisp white light transforms the formerly dingy lifeless interiors, enhancing them with a play of light and shadow. For the first time, the lighting properly reveals the detail of the building’s fine neoclassical architecture. All light sources are LED with scene setting in the key spaces and either Dali or DMX dimming throughout, greatly reducing the energy required to light the building.