Absolute Flower Shop


Absolute Flower Shop was established in 2012 and over the past 8 years, the boutique has created many stunning works of art based on the owner’s philosophy of "exquisite, tasteful and ingenious". MDO conceived the design as a linear journey of reveal, where each space creates a unique engagement with the flower arrangements and the viewer. MDO’s intervention is conceived as a series of insertions into the old fabric. Cool stainless steel frames contrasting with the rough texture of the existing old wall. The entire space explores the boundaries between the natural and the artificial as the flower compositions themselves. Often presenting the flowers in surreal yet magical displays. The design is split into 3 elements: Street gallery + artificial landscape + secret garden In the gallery, visitors are presented with a series of flower art works constantly updated according to the different seasons, and these will be passed through the seemingly inconspicuous window to all people who pass by Absolute on the street. The main heart of the shop was conceived as an artificial landscape, a neutral terrain to contrast with the flower installations and capable of celebrating to the best creations. The main studio opens out onto the secret garden, a generous 100 sq m space unique in Shanghai. An l-shaped bench wraps around and existing tree, creating a quiet oasis in the heart of the city.