An Urban Cottage


A higher expectation on home design is particularly relevant in the era of pandemics when travel is limited. For most urbanites home provides only a temporary refuge, as the countryside is needed for real rejuvenation. However, for Lukstudio client Atelier Peter Fong, this urban Guangzhou home performs as an outlet to nature for complete relaxation. Sharing with Peter a love for minimalistic design and natural materials, The Urban Cottage continues a dialogue on what brings comfort in a residence. Solid planks of Douglas Fir define luxury in this 180 sq m home, as its distinct colour, grain pattern and smell recall the memory of the countryside. Apart from lining the wall, floor, and ceiling of different rooms, the 28mm solid planks are made into shelves, banquette seating, a dining table and bedframes. Its presence in every room conveys an air of vacation throughout the apartment. Simple layout changes bring natural light into the center of the room where an open kitchen is located, connecting the living and dining areas into one continuous open space. While open spaces ensure the family can have quality time together, nooks and crannies are just as important for individuals to feel at ease alone. Stripping a home to its essentials requires as much control from the designer as the inhabitants. The Urban Cottage showcases minimalistic living from disciplined design. By optimizing flow, integrating natural materials, and bringing in daylight, the resulting home brings comfort and freedom to the family, transcending their daily lives into a timeless vacation.