Bab Al Shams


Client: Studio LumenSquare MCapsule Arts

LW was commissioned to reinvent Bab Al Shams, a landmark destination, into a contemporary and glamorous desert resort. The brief was to create a refined yet extravagant leisure and entertainment venue to attract local and international travellers with a cost and time-conscious approach. The eclectic and contemporary Arabic theme creatively maintains much of its original heritage, allowing a re-launch with ultimate style and offering cultured desert experiences under a new brand. 

With a design narrative centred around 'The Lost Princess', Bab Al Shams is her sanctuary of luxury and unforgettable journey. Interiordesign elements subtly weave through her iconic heritage tied deeply to her customs while celebrating the glamour of modern-day Arabia. The resorts limited and carefully considered architectural interventions integrate with existing forms and materials to provide an enhanced guest experience.

The overall fabric of the design is a seamless blend of the confluence between contemporary Arabic elements and sustainable heritage. Early during the concept phase, The design team paid special attention and made efforts to preserve and re-purpose key furniture pieces, iconic artwork and accessories into the new design, adding to the resort's overall sustainable value and heritage. 

Keeping with the Bab Al Shams sustainability concept, LW has re-used and upcycled existing pieces, including the iconic coat hangers that have been re-lacquered to complement the new colourscheme. Carefully hand-picked items in each room add quirky modernity while respecting its heritage. 

Bab Al Shams is a landmark heritage building that hadn't been renovated for almost two decades, so there were many surprises and unexpected challenges to consider. With only nine short months to complete the project, LW adopted an agile onsite mindset to ensure the rapid design and build decisions. Designers deployed a site supervision team from conception to completion until everything, including the spa and events centre, was finalised.