Beach Club at The Sanya EDITION

Various Associates

The hotel sought creative design strategies, with the hope to refresh and activate the serene, slightly deserted outdoor beach area whilst introducing young, fashionable lifestyle and socializing activities, so as to turn it into a landmark in Haitang Bay and even in the wider city.

"Under the Tree" is the design concept of the project. It conveys the design team's intention to create a comfortable, unrestrained space. The continuous bamboo-woven structures consist of five overlapping tree-like canopies with different heights and forms. Their organic and natural curved profiles merge beautifully into the lush nature.

The natural coconut groves and the new structures are scattered around sunken booths. The new structures are connected to the ground through their "trunks" that naturally blend with the preserved plants. The expansive and naturally curvy "tree" canopies bring sufficient protection to the club's guests, while the space between each canopy unintentionally brings surrounding greenery into the view.

Every "tree" canopy features a curvy form. The clustering canopy structures form beautiful and continuous lines that generate a well-arranged spatial rhythm that blends into nature. To ensure a pure visual effect, every structure is presented as an independent work of bamboo weaving, which took days of on-site work by multiple experienced craftsmen.

The new "tree" canopy structures utilize the craft of bamboo weaving, which carries the typical impression on tropical cities. The design team chose natural and locally sourced materials, to represent the island city.

The material selection emphasizes not only textures, but also the quality of being nature-friendly. Natural bamboo and wood build up the structures, and recycled pebble-wash creates warm, textured pavements, all of which contribute to a sustainable design project committed to environmental protection.