Beijing Railway Station Interior Renovation

WIT Design & Research

Client :China Railway Beijing Bureau

Completion date:2022.6.25

Size of project:10000 square meters 

The scope of the interior renovation of Beijing Railway Station includes the central hall, the 4th Waiting room, and the central waiting room. The design tasks encompass interior design, commercial and media reorganization, as well as lighting and the wayfinding system. The total design area is approximately 10,000 square meters. Beijing Railway Station, was one of the top ten most important buildings in the capital in the 1950s, where Premier Zhou Enlai played the role of director during the construction. It belongs to the National Key Cultural Relics Protection Unit and was designated as a listed building in 2019.

Beijing Railway Station handles an average daily passenger flow of around 60,000 people. After 62 years of high-volume usage, the various facilities built within the station lacked unified planning and design, resulting in a relatively chaotic situation. The signage is also chaotic and the interior space lacks a systematic lighting design. All of this is inconsistent with its location in the heart of the capital.