Blind Tiger


Client: Contractor: KOJ

LW Design was tasked to design a unique bar hiding in plain sight, a prerogative of an authentic speakeasy bar. The directive was to create a space like no other and resplendent of a secretive drinking den in the Prohibition era.


The space pays homage to the ‘Queens of Speakeasies’ by creating a rich and extravagantly styled bar where patrons are comfortable in indulgent surroundings with a heady atmosphere of clandestine intrigue, fun and mischief. 

A seamless blend of Art Deco-inspired detailing complemented with a vintage vibe is apparent in the time-honoured attention to detail and meticulous craftsmanship in the joinery and furniture. Hand-painted golden-hued Venetian skies frame antique ceiling mirrors, adding further depths of collusion. Deep blue wall panels accommodate chinoiserie-style wallpaper creating layers of intrigue and interest throughout the bar.

The impressive space was once home to the original executive club lounge for Jumeriah Al Naseem. Blind Tiger required the design and interiors to be completed in a short timeframe and within a very tight budget. The nature of the design commanded luxurious detailing expected of the Prohibition era; it could not be compromised or restricted due to budgets. The completed bar is sophisticated, glamorous and playful.

The near impossible-to-find entrance, lavish and decadent styling, and secretive-vibe inside-outside lounge make Blind Tiger, Dubai the most sought-after evening venue. Any credible speakeasy has a discreet frontage and no discernible entrance. Blind Tiger is no different. Slightly hidden and tucked away, the bar and lounge has unexpected views across the beautiful Turtle Lagoon and the turtle rehabilitation project.

Because Blind Tiger was an existing executive club lounge and restricted by a tight budget, LW Design utilised much of the remaining mechanical, electrical and plumbing fittings to save cost and time.

Size: 310 square metres