Books in Clouds — Duoyun Bookstore in Huangyan

Wutopia Lab

Completed in June 2021, the project covered a total building area of 1726㎡. The client hoped that a bookstore should reflect the spirit of the city or region.

Rather than perform cosmetic surgery on a collage of cluttered commercial territorial façades, the designers wrapped them in a continuous white perforated aluminum panel wall. The continuous white creates a complex and pure interface on the riverside (by controlling the perforation rate, the façade creates a cloud of layers) hiding the bookstore. The first floor of Building 1 is the bookstore area, with the entrance being the unique Duoyun shelving area (kiosk) with attitude, and then turning north into the main bookstore display (hall). After passing through the cashier's desk, you will enter the reading (dwelling) designed using the aisle, followed by the creative (house). The designers kept the original trees and plants of the courtyard, and also kept but modified the fire stairwell and smoke extraction courtyard required by code. The courtyard is viewed as a water surface, and the three groups of trees forming a green island formed the basic paradigm of a pond and three hills in a Chinese garden. There is a blue glass house up the spiral staircase of the cafe, and the daylight tints the area where the orange staircase and the roof meet an extremely beautiful purple. But as soon as you press a switch, the blue glass becomes colorless and transparent, and the Yongning River leaps into view.