Bright Night and Gentle

Domani Architectural

Contemporary women are an amazing phenomenon-level collective consumption in the field of technological beauty. The extreme attention and maintenance of appearance is not just consumerism but essentially the prevalence of contemporary feminism, from resistance to male power to resistance to patriarchy then to the observation on gender type and self-release. The evolution of the concept of feminism has so far released the “gender custom” beyond gender and has developed in to a stage of essential self-recognition of gender. People face the differences in physiology, demand social balance and respect the freedom of genetic traits. And the female group has been in a liberation movement for nearly 200 years from proposing equality and equal rights to economic independence and then to freedom of consumption. The amazing economic data behind this means that the idea of feminism today has become the self-construction of general female even it only begins with appearance. The exterior and interior have always been a huge and absolute link between the past and the future. Meunier’s space creation is based on observation and feedback of this phenomenon. It explores the boundaries of female traits through contradictions between materials and space forms, creates a dramatic experience in commercial space through collision of brightness and darkness, hardiness and softness, and describes the inherent complexity of human physical gender and social gender through tough and calm appearance and emotional space.