C Future Lab

QUAD studio

C Future Lab is an entirely new concept of a gallery where it allows visitor to explore the future development of Shenzhen and it provides a new platform for designers, thinkers, artists to discuss how urban design will reshape our future ways of living. As the first project to be completed in C Future City, QUAD studio has designed an experiential laboratory where visitors can explore Technology, Art and Nature through a series of innovative installations composed of digital art, 3D printing sculpture and green vegetation. The aim is to create a journey for the visitors to truly explore their senses to experience the different design elements of shaping C Future City. Different to a conventional interior design approach, QUAD acts as a movie director rather than just a designer. The challenge is to create the journey which will be an inspiring experience for the visitors, so that they will receive information of the project and will also rethink the way they live. The design team has created a series of different zones, which worked as sequential spaces of anticipation, inspiration, exploration, information and discussion. C Future Lab combines the work of a group of the most innovative designers internationally, including digital artists teamLab from Japan, landscape consultant Patrick Blanc from France, industrial designer Ross Lovegrove from the UK, and China's exhibition specialist, Motse. QUAD's role is similar to an orchestral conductor, pulling together a myriad of design talent and integrating their creations into a single space.