Chaoshan Flavour

JG Phoneix

The waiting area on 1F is a double-height space. The designers removed the original floor slab above this area, and at the same time preserved the main beam, on which the artwork "Naughty Cat" created by artist Chou is placed. The artwork interacts with the reception desk, and enlivens the spatial atmosphere. Terrazzo boards are applied to large areas of the space. White tableware is put on brass panels in an orderly manner, which extends the space visually. The glass brick wall on 2F is embedded into the beam structure, bringing in light whilst ensuring privacy of the space. In a private dining room on the first floor, the design team added a frame to the existing beam. Fran├žois-Xavier Lalanne's artwork "Singe attentif" squats in the frame and overlooks the sky, echoing the past scene where kids sat on old threshold and imaged what they hoped to be when growing up. The seating area extends the air-faced concrete wall and inherits the plain texture, which forms contrast with the wall featuring wood cladding. The designers hoped to show the passage and trace of time via changes of material textures. The original main beam had to be retained in the small dining room. The design team covered it with wooden veneers, extended it, and added a screen to it to form an interpenetrating structure. The floor-to-ceiling window frames outdoor scenery, and integrates the interior with outside.