Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum and Chengdu Contemporary Art Museum


Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum and Chengdu Museum of Contemporary Art, centering on the Yinggui Lake, face each other across the bank, with a cover of total 75,000 square meters area, and finished in 2021. It’s such an area where nature and art integrate together featuring splendid cultures, so that the spirit of the city and new trend of fashion create infinite possibilities.

The creation of Chengdu Tianfu Art Museum is inspired by the city flower of Chengdu, hibiscus, mellow and elegant. The whole space is full of the power of tension, which also reflects on the interior design to show Chengdu dwellers’ tolerance, kind and love for art, as well as the cultural spirit of Chengdu City. On the contrary, the architectural massing and form of Tianfu Museum of Contemporary Art emphasizes on the towering mountains surrounding Chengdu. For example, its interior design can reflect the perseverance of Chengdu people with simple design language. The design of Museum of Contemporary Art is more pure and simple with the spatial rhythm and implicit forces. However, it’s also international and passionate. The mountains around Chengdu are majestic, showing the fortitude, strength and perseverance of Chengdu people. The design team skillfully uses various design symbols representing perseverance and power to interpret a dialogue with contemporary art by combining them with the original structure of the building.