Chic Nonna


Client: Eric Kuster

Project brief

LW was tasked to create a 990 sq meters, inviting restaurant that heralds traditional osteria Italian dining, the upscale experience wholly embraces the best of Italian culinary traditions. The relaxed, cozy and inviting atmosphere combines traditional Italian features with elements of contemporary living.

LW quickly saw the highlights of the location and how the venue attracts a great presence and lasting impression. A double-height entrance is accentuated with an elegant metal frame fa├žade and a foyer lined with mature olive trees. The private drop-off and valet parking offers an inviting first impression. Guests will walk through the oversized entrance into an impressive double void chamber with a seamless blend of Italian heritage and modern contemporary living. An open show kitchen creates an engaging centrepiece, and a staircase and the wine cellar link the ground-floor restaurant with the first-floor lounge. The materiality and residential details emphasise the space, with a consistent design style that flows into all areas throughout Chic Nonna.

Chic Nonna possesses a naturally cozy ambience over two floors. The ground floor envelops the open-plan kitchen where award-winning Michelin star chef Vito Mollica and his brigade work their magic. A chef's table is inside the bustling kitchen for a true sense of theatre and a one-of-a-kind experience. The impressive wine collection of Italian and other world wines are showcased in a wine cellar encasing the feature staircase that connects the dining room with the lounge bar. The impressive whiskey and cigar bar has an exclusive members club ambience and is furnished with a fireplace and library. Guests can enjoy an impressive private collection of distilled drinks and rare single barrel select on the rocks. The long decorative cocktail bar and lounge encircle a stage that forms the backdrop for entertainment.