Clockwise Southampton


Client: Developer: Castleforge Partners Project manager / cost consultant: QuartzM&E engineer: Lehding Services DesignStructural engineer: TierFire engineer: Bureau VeritasLighting design: InToApproved inspector: Regional Building ControlArt / murals: Bud StudioAcoustic engineer: Sandy BrownContractor: Hop InteriorsPhotography: Ruth Ward

Clockwise Southampton is a flexible co-working space designed to encourage members to interact, network and socialise.

Combining the benefits of face-to-face interaction with the advantages of remote working, Clockwise Southampton includes a variety of different workspaces, ranging from enclosed private offices to more experimental single office pods and acoustically separated desk units with integrated planters and storage. There are also ‘zoom rooms’ with background and lighting for video calls, as well as a new terrace and café.

Situated in central Southampton, the project is ideal for locals, regional commuters and residents wishing to escape either the long, in-to-London commute, or the confines of home working.

Previously a tired, 1990s office space, Hawkins\Brown’s design focuses on reconnecting the building to its seaside heritage and other nearby green areas, upgrading the space to be more open, welcoming, and inspiring for members.

We aimed at reducing carbon emissions for the refurbishment (embodied) and on an ongoing basis (operational). We chose finishes with high recycled content, reusing and upgrading existing services, 2,000 sqm of raised floor tiles, and existing solar film to windows – thereby saving several kilograms of landfill.

We removed any barriers from the building and made all spaces easily accessible and easy to navigate around. The choice of natural tones and materials and the non-hierarchical organisation of the spaces make the building welcoming and homely. 

We have created an outdoor space that acts as an extension of the club lounge and introduced living plants in bespoke planters both externally and internally to help people reconnecting with natural elements. The new terrace activates the square, drawing locals into the cafe and creating a buzzy atmosphere.