Morph Estudio

We have decided to submit this candidacy to the WAN Awards as we consider that the project breaks with the canons of directionality and rigid compartmentalization; offering material and formal solutions that respond to the needs of an informal workspace generating fluid and open flows, with a geometrized architecture with the presence of the curve, The presence of the route from the first floor to the roof, through the 18th floor, provides a sensory component that puts in value a workspace like this. The fully integrated systems implemented offer a technological experience according to the digital context; as well as energy efficiency, ventilation and air conditioning systems. The furniture becomes an architectural component within the space, as it generates enclosed subspaces and frames the privileged views of being at a great height. The idea arises from mimicking the 18th floor of the Chamartín Tower with its immediate surroundings: the sky. That is why, turning it into a cloud to climb and observe Madrid becomes the guiding thread of the project that will try to generate a dematerialized atmosphere that immerses you in the sky of Madrid, The blue white colors, as well as the diffuse lighting, will become protagonists in this project. On the other hand, the furniture elements will try to highlight the most outstanding views of the environment through structures that trap you inside