Da Dong Gastro Esthetics


Completion date:10/11/2021

Size of project:3000 m2 The project is located in Nanxincang, Beijing. Light and shadows permeate structural gaps. The light and shadows move in the curved hallway space, breaking conventional sedate and dull spatial atmosphere, full of a sense of dynamics and curved beauty. The project adopts modern materials and design techniques to interpret the Chinese restaurant. Curved surfaces and shapes divide the space and create the basic form of the restaurant. Curved forms break the stereotype of conventional Chinese restaurants, thus generating a unique spatial experience. Black mirrored stone materials applied to the floor create a water-like effect. Abstract forms reflected on the water-like floor make people feel as if they are walking into a beautiful “landscape painting”. Washrooms abandon conventional tiles or stones. Instead, they are enclosed by stainless steel. The special lighting alternating between cold and warm colors fills the space with surprise. Gradient glass and foamed aluminum are added to those washrooms in private rooms. The entire restaurant is operated as a group of private rooms, which improves its high-end touch and private dining experience. Private rooms are distinguished by abstract patterns of Chinese 24 Solar Terms made of luminous acrylic and by colors. The black gall wood with soft texture and the black, natural and rough art paint from Italy enrich the black tone with varying aesthetics. Black mirrored stone materials and light gray wood applied to the floor reveal a sense of future and warmth.