DHAWA Jinan Daming Lake

Vantree Design

Vantree Design was commissioned by Lixia Holding Group to design the interior of DHAWA Jinan Daming Lake. It was completed on March 1, 2023, covering an area of 9800 square meters and has a design area of approximately 16200 square meters. The scene path of Jiangyou merchant arriving at Jiangxi Guild Hall in the concept is presented in the renovation by modern concise and humorous techniques.

The concept of the hotel lobby and the lobby bar originates from the love story between Xia Yuhe and the Emperor Qianlong. Extracted the imagery from the story, and combined with exclusive colors from the Jinan opera, arranged with glass umbrellas and mirrored lotus leaves, presenting an intense decorative effect and atmosphere. The all-day dining restaurant on the second floor is inspired by the luggage of the Jiangyou Business Gang. Integrating local elements into the space organically through combination and modern techniques, and reinterpret the lively of the traditional Jinan street market. The inspiration for the rooftop bar comes from the bustling ancient wine shop, which transform the functional attributes of items into symbols, making the "wine shop" look like travelling through the past to the present. The guest room area is the wing room of the original Jiangxi Guild Hall, which has been renovated and arranged according to the traditional quadrangle dwellings, creating a presidential suite that is different from the inherent style.

A century later, it embraces guests from all over the world to the dreamland and integrated modern, innovative and advanced design concept. It is more suitable the guests with an environmental experience that can not only explore the century-old splendor and prosperity of Jinan, but also enjoy it comfortably.