Dock 72

Fogarty Finger

This project in the Brooklyn Navy Yard is the first ground-up office building to be built in Brooklyn in nearly 30 years. Completed in 2021, we were engaged to design 42,000 square feet of public and amenity spaces. Our design team immersed themselves in the vibrant surroundings of the Navy Yard, becoming deeply inspired by its historic spirit of innovation, connectivity and creative collaboration. The site has incredible views toward Manhattan but it was the magic of the Navy Yard that drew the design team inward toward the Yard itself.

The project epitomizes the union of beautiful design informed by a rich local history and innovative revitalization that benefits local stakeholders of the Brooklyn Navy Yard as it continues evolving into the 21st century. The design approach afforded an opportunity to comment on the idea of commerce combining both land and sea, tying it to the storied history of the Brooklyn Navy Yard’s role as an industrial economic powerhouse of the local economy.

In keeping with the Navy Yard’s effort to bolster New York City’s manufacturing base, local manufacturers from the Yard were invited to curate the public areas. By incorporating both past and present material elements of the Yard, the design team respectfully honored the site’s history while simultaneously supporting the local community. The completed space has been celebrated in the coworking and tech community and the amenities are utilized by several well-known brands that inhabit the new commercial building.