Dongfureng House Museum

Beijing PRO Lighting Design

The museum is located in a historical and cultural preservation building, which is the grandmother's house where the famous Chinese economist DongFuReng was born. It is a brick structure in the Republic of China, covering an area of 285 sq m and a building area of 435 sq m, with two entrances and two floors. It will mainly showcase Mr. Dong's academic achievements in economics and combine his personal influence with that of Ningbo by holding regular economics forums and salons here in conjunction with the development of economics. The project will be completed in April 2021. Due to Mr. Dong's status as a "teacher", the characteristics of this museum's traditional Chinese dwelling, and the emotional expression of the space, the designer confronts this space with "hidden light", and through the active lighting. Through the active intervention of lighting and unique perspective, the space eventually becomes the "teacher's" "home", using the substitution of light to evoke the emotional resonance of visitors and awaken memories. The designers have innovated the lighting concept to bring visitors the closeness and warmth of "home". Various lights are carefully set up in the space, and the method of removing the programmed lighting method from the exhibition space is used to restore the concept of "home" in the museum. Guided by the soft light, people are not only visiting an exhibition, but also like students in the teacher's home, exchanging their memories and respect for Mr. Dong through the exchange of memories of his deeds and life.