LW Design

LW Design has created arguably the most innovative EDITION hotel in the world to date; it is the first hotel of its kind in Dubai with elevated style, materials and design language. The EDITION collection celebrates the diversity of cities worldwide, reflecting the best of cultural and social environments and a new generation of understated and restrained luxury.

Upon arriving at the charming Dubai EDITION, expect the unexpected. The vast triple-height space showcases a dynamic journey through various spatial volumes. Considered and intentional space planning is critical to balance the geometry and guide the guest's journey. Every transition creates an awe-inspiring moment; every turn has a unique vista making each visit more memorable than the previous. As with every EDITION hotel, a central spiral staircase connects the lobby to other public spaces and dining destinations. Upon entering the double doors, you catch a glimpse of this design feat, which slowly reveals its seamless triple-height cascade. The staircase is a unique design statement and an impressive structural achievement. The layered experience is consolidated with carefully planned lighting levels that unify the contrast between high and low, dark and light, creating a friendly welcome to the heart and soul of the hotel. Matching the EDITION’s vision about design, the brief was to ensure that the spaces never look ‘designed’ but feel appropriately comfortable with effortless and elegant luxury. The furnishings chosen are not lent to a particular era; they are timeless, classic, authentic and flatter the restrained luxury synonymous with the brand.