Ninghai Digital Poetry Road Museum

Xinhua Zhiyun is a technology company that aims to empower content industries such as media, cultural travel, finance, exhibition games and sports. In April 2021, we were invited by Xinhua Zhiyun to design digital poetry Road museum in Ninghai, where the Tang Poetry Road begins in eastern Zhejiang.

The project is divided into two venues 1# and 3# (indoor area: 396 ㎡ , courtyard area: 110 ㎡ ). The whole interior space is constructed by using the techniques of "interior landscape" and "interior architecture" as the base. The water, bamboo, watts, clouds and other local traditional elements in the ancient town, with a thread of the story in series, with interactive elements present in the landscape scenery, hope that through such a fun digital interactive space, can make the people feel the experience of digital, and accomplish the transmission of culture in the interesting content, bring more traditional culture.