Emory Musculoskeletal Institute


Emory Healthcare’s mission is to improve health through integration of education, discovery and health care delivery. The new 180,000sf, 6-story Musculoskeletal Institute will aid in the diagnosis, treatment and repair of bones, joints and connective tissue to help people regain physical motion and activity. In imagining the new building, Emory tasked the design team with creating a patient-centered facility that would provide orthopedics and spine care, physical therapy, imaging and surgery as well as clinical and research space. Emory wanted the building to exemplify excellence and innovation and include sustainable features that would exceed LEED certification standards. The design of the facility was inspired by the Institute’s goal of restoring fluidity of motion as well as the structural components of the human body. The building was organized to optimize patient flow and efficiency. Research, education and discovery functions were elevated to the top floor which features a protruding triangular form that signifies breaking through to innovative treatments. The research floor is bisected with conference, office and administrative functions occupying one side and labs, imaging occupying the other side. Office spaces are located on the perimeter of the floor to provide students and faculty with maximum access to natural light. Smart building technologies were incorporated to reduce energy and water consumption and provide touchless surfaces in common areas. The new facility has enhanced Emory’s reputation as a leader in medicine and allowed it to attract top talent. The facility has also enhanced access and care for patients throughout the Atlanta.