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Office space is still and will grow becoming even more important in the time when people are no longer required to be physically present at their workplace.

If we were to interpret meaning of word 'office' as a space used for working, and benefits it offers in this day and age where one can work practically from anywhere, we might once question whether work from home method really was efficient way of working, and context from which question was asked had provided us an answer-- ‘why wouldn’t it be?’ What this statement means is requirements of current and future offices will not only cater to work practices like it had been in the past but are expected to represent and communicate organization’s corporate identity while facilitating collective goals and unity among employees. Definition of future workspace, therefore, gears toward it being place that encourages people to willingly come to office to work together while serving as a clear and positive representation of organization’s identity. Functionally, it must comprehensively accommodate work-related activities while doing its job in attracting employees to choose to work at office rather than any other places. Rethinking concept that once defined corporate office design to better resonate with contemporaneous situations and scenarios will prove that physical workspace will maintain its significance in the present and future, and office space that is able to adeptly and suitably adjust to changes will serve as a key factor in success of both individuals and organization they are a part of.