This project is located in Chongqing, China. The designer hopes to use the unique cultural characteristics of Chongqing to create a stylish Qing bar. The unique ceiling material and lighting design make the space present the visual effect of ice and fire, and the use of curved wall shapes is smooth and natural, which interprets the mysterious black aesthetic atmosphere of the bar "FIERY-ICE" in multiple directions.

The regional characteristics, historical and cultural accumulation of Chongqing, where the project is located, is the material for us to describe the story of the space. At the same time, the love of the brand owner for black aesthetics and trendy culture has also become a source of inspiration to strengthen the brand personality and space style. How to combine local culture and black aesthetics is our challenge in designing this project. The ceiling is made of soft and light materials, showing the unique regional atmosphere of Chongqing with foggy air and gradually dyed clouds. The designer analogizes the structure of "mountain" to enclose relatively independent booth areas, as if depicting the image of mountains in the city. This is also a reconstruction of the Western-style round arch, and Chinese and Western cultural elements are used properly.