LSD Interior Design

Client: Hong'an Fushan Real Estate Co., Ltd. &Blue Green Shuangcheng Technology Group Co., Ltd.

The designers bear such poetic touch in their hearts and regard them as incremental experience for “the 25th hour”. People can get rid of the routine schedule, which has been repeating day after day, and feel the extension of time through the sensory relax. As the experience adds on, the fragments become a whole. At FRAGRANT LAKE Lifestyle & Art Pavilion, a slow-paced cultural and social space is created. 

The communication streamline and the division of space inside, to some extent, connects different indoor spaces based on their “paths and roles”. Plus, there are green plants guiding along the way, as if they are ribbons linking to all the functional space in this project. That’s why we can have the green landscape “surrounding” the people, and the building, the boundaries, and the indoor spaces are just naturally integrated with each other. 

The selection of materials for the project seems to be "at your fingertips", and those dazzling and aggressive materials are excluded first. The ground and walls are made of the same earth tone material, and they are integrated into one. The bricks and stones wrapping the "book tower" are also produced locally. The materials interface with each other with the same honesty, without superfluous decoration.

In the design, the form and characteristics of the shape and space are deliberately restricted, and the interior functions are transformed with the transformation of the space experience. In the manufactured path, the art installation becomes the anchor point of the space, and the subsequent space is expanded in multiple directions. Devices with time as an element are interspersed among them, constantly strengthening the spatial memory.