In moving forward of industrialization process and industrial structure adjustment of agriculture, Qianwu Sugar Factory gradually becomes the standing memory of Qiantang little lakeside. Holding an important position of culture tourism industry and urban renewal in Qianwu, the sugar, is reshaping the texture and spirit of the city.

It is both newborn and inheritance as the completion of Galaxy Sugar-factory Cultural Museum. In many corners of cities, the disused buildings of industrial era urgently need to be reconstruction and reuse, to give them a new value. It is a new chapter from industrial production to modern community life, which have a wider iteration of new urban public space. During the urban renewal process, we are happy to find out the new agreement with city and people’s relationship. Project Info. Design Area: 2,682.30㎡ Interior Design: C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD. Design Director: Peng Zheng Lead Designer: Zhang Bo Design Team: Zhong Zhihong / Zhu Guoguang / Li Lu / Lian Jinwei Design Date: May, 2021 Completion Date: April, 2022 Client Name: GALAXY REAL ESTATE GROUP Main Materials: Stone, Wood finishes, Verniciai product, Hand mold brick