Ganko Sushi Japanese Restaurant



墙面运用了日本浮世绘的绘画艺术形式,将日本锦鲤的元素巧妙的融合于空间之中;用大面积的水泥浇筑板意形于自然肌理;天花处开口一处模拟天光,意“山有小口,仿佛若有光。”以黑色烧杉木的木桩对水泥天花进行分割,同时连结地面形成日式木屋檐结构,通过支撑柱子的力量感与平行分割以表现空间的结构美学。竹编工艺家具的质感和细节处便是对这个空间细致的追求。在空间材质的选择上,设计师融合料理文化和对于空间想表达的哲学感悟,对质感精细的把控,希望把匠心旨意体现在空间的每一细微之处。 Ganko Sushi is an Omakase Japanese dish. Ganko translates as "stubborn", meaning persistent inheritance of food and service. The project is located in Penang Road, Singapore. At the same time of cultural understanding and perception, there is the imagination and construction of space. One wall of the space Using the Japanese ukiyo-e painting art form, the elements of Japanese koi fish are skillfully integrated into the space. In the space, deep tones is set. The designer uses a large area of cement casting board to reflect the natural texture. And in the ceiling at the opening of a simulated skylight, meaning "there is a small mouth, as if there is light." The cement ceiling is divided by black burnt fir piles, and the Japanese wood eaves structure is formed by connecting the ground. The structural aesthetics of the space is expressed by the sense of strength of the supporting columns and parallel division. Bamboo makes furniture of shallow wood of craft and deserve to act the role of to make a space as if to have a bundle of light, the simple sense of furniture and detail place is to this space meticulous pursuit. Take shape as things take shape. In the choice of space material, the designer integrates the cooking culture and the philosophical perception of the space to express, and has a fine control over the texture, hoping to reflect the originality in every minute of the space.