Google Marketing Live 2023

Rapt Studio

Client: Megan McGinley, Environmental Graphic DesignerMax Erdenberger, Environmental Graphic DesignerSalt (, Producer

Google Marketing Live is an annual event inviting advertising and marketing executives to learn how their businesses can unlock next-level growth with Google Ads and Google Commerce solutions. This year Google debuted and showcased a suite of innovations across a range of categories, such as Google Search, YouTube, and Measurement & Privacy.

Rapt Studio’s design for the event took guests on a carefully choreographed journey, starting with presentations and moving onto interactive demos, roundtable discussions, informal social settings, and even a musical performance in the evening — all sited in unique locations across the Bay View campus. 

Each moment offered a distinctive format for exploring and engaging with content, and each required a unique social and spatial setting. 

Rapt’s strategy was to develop a design language capable of both differentiating individual moments as well as cohering them into a larger whole. Our approach was to integrate two aspects of Google which to date had remained separate: the graphic design of digital content and the architecture and landscape design of the campus. 

To do this, we adapted the key figure of the digital content — the circle — into a range of applications at varying scales in the physical environment. 

And we extended key motifs of the architecture and landscape design of the campus into the smaller, more human scale of information design. 

Together, these techniques created a seamless interweaving of the graphical and environmental aspects of the design, and afforded a more nuanced and holistic experience for the guests of the event. 

Rapt Studio conceived the design as a narrative environment, putting Google’s content and messaging at the center of the user experience, leaving guests invigorated with fresh insights in a moment when AI is reshaping how we reach new audiences and make customer experience meaningful.