Goop Headquarters

Rapt Studio

Founded by Gwyneth Paltrow, goop is a modern lifestyle brand and resource for people aspiring to put wellness first. Their growing team was dispersed among a series of separate buildings and needed a place to concentrate their efforts to propel the brand into its next phase of development. Rapt designed their new, light-filled headquarters in Santa Monica to preserve the buzz they’d maintained in close quarters while giving big ideas room to roam. The various spaces around the office are designed to cultivate expansive thinking and support the many different arms of the business. Many of them served as the backdrop of the Netflix show called The Goop Lab. There’s a product room and lab for wellness innovation, a test kitchen to experiment with recipes and film the YouTube series hosted by Paltrow and other goop editors, and a fashion and design workroom for exploring styles and designing new collections for G. Label. New multi-platform content is captured in photo/video studios and a podcast recording studio. A string of calm sanctuaries offers employees the chance to retreat in order to balance the social, extroverted work of collaboration. A yoga room provides space to breathe, stretch, and take classes, while secluded lounge spaces, personal phone rooms, and cozy booths are meant for quiet time. Completed in February 2020 and at 5,110 sq m, this workspace synthesizes goop’s essence and clean, tasteful style. It caters to mind, body, and spirit, inspiring employees to not only work well but live well too.