‘green massage’ Shanghai Madang Road

Vermilion Zhou Design Group

‘green massage’ Madang Road, is in the comprehensive commercial property of the big red building which was designed by Jean Nouvel. It is a very prominent presence in the center of Shanghai. When you walk to the building from the street, you are already immersed in this special environment. But the massage space does not need to be attracted by bright lights or large open windows like the restaurants surrounding. A quiet and relaxing atmosphere is the basic tone of the massage space. The store may not be in a particularly conspicuous place, it is located on the open second basement floor, we turned the defect to become the advantage, creating the entrance just as the “rabbit hole". We covered the entrance with large green plants, lit by glowworm lights. Entering the cave, dim lights and unreal-sized flowers lead you into the garden.

According to Freud’s “The Interpretation of Dreams”, it is said that “The dream content is due to the formation of the intention, the purpose is to meet the will.” Because of dreams, we would be released, we can also escape from reality for a while and get a deep relaxation due to dreams. When you enter ‘green massage’ Madang Road, this “Rabbit Hole” shrinks the reality of you and enters a fantasy forest that is too 「magnified」. The process gradually disconnects your tired body from reality, unconsciously surrounded by the natural, and reorganizes the new sensory experience. The consciousness of awareness is gradually liberated and relaxed.