Completion date:2021.11

Size of project:1700㎡ GRNDCNTRL is a nightclub, which blends the functions of modern yet retro party space, trend-setting interactive socializing destination, and immersive, artistic music scene. An exquisite cultural performance theater is turned into a socializing venue available to the masses through artistic design and commercial strategies, without losing value or the functions of exhibition and experience. The elaborate design, advanced sound system and lighting effects enable this nightclub to come out on top. The wall decorations adopt a balanced composition, featuring the style of stage setting. A sequence of symmetrical, curved lighting installations draw on the deep, long lane form of local antique Shikumen buildings, with lines and rhythms guiding experiential circulations and extending inward. The 9m-high main space continues balanced, harmonious design languages. The spatial narratives and functional layout are centered around the lift-style DJ stage, which provides an unexpected experience and a panoramic view to all details in the space. Stone materials, mirror-like finishes, paints, stainless steel, and leather are combined together, generating a distinct visual contrast. The dominant black tone has various shades. The organic curves with simple yet abstract forms break horizontal and vertical compositions, and redefine classic aesthetics. This is a renovation project of an old nightclub. After the original walls were demolished, removed bricks were laid to build the basic staggered steps. Without affecting the load-bearing capacity of old building floor slabs, the original lightweight bricks play a significant rolein this project, while also setting the theme.