Harmay Xidan

Studio Illumine

We live in an era of chaos where everything is moving at breakneck speed, as we transcend boundaries of time and space from analogue into the digital world. The store is conceptualised by the interior designers as a place where something has crashed into Earth from outer space, creating chaos and remnants everywhere. A lighting scenario of dramatic contrasts is created in between chaos, order and transitions. Products in the shelves are lit while the surroundings remain dark in theatrical light and shadows. Inspiration from Sci-Fi and Film Noir elements weave through the customers’ journeys through different moods of lighting effects, concealing and revealing different subjects. At the arrival of the “space shuttle”, customers are transported into a futuristic utopian world with diffused white light. In this monotonous space, all outside stimuli are toned down, creating an experience as if floating in silence washed in white light. Through the “tunnel”, customers are transported into a different time and space where coloured light floods the entire space. Grand visual impacts are created by using simple fixtures that prioritise ease of operation and maintenance, such as LED track and surface-mounted spot lights, strip lighting, LED linear profiles, gobo projectors, and lighting boxes with stretch ceiling. However, the devil’s in the details, behind the simplicity every light fixture is curated meticulously to complement interior design elements, reinforcing the design lines through lighting while ensuring that products are lit optimally. The final result is an immersive experiential retail experience that is emotive and engaging.