House of Communication


HENN Interior created a distinctive spatial identity for Serviceplan, world's largest owner-managed agency group, rooted in the company’s ideals of openness and collaboration. The 40,000sqm headquarters is devised as a small city, a concept known as office urbanism. Connecting three separate buildings via bridges, the House of Communication, completed in July 2022, includes spaces to meet, eat, and relax, alongside meeting rooms and individual work areas.

A central axis, named the Innovation Track, connects all three atrium buildings and runs throughout the first floor of the entire complex. Visitors enter the Track via a striking six-meter wide staircase at the entrance. The Track’s connective purpose is highlighted by a 130-meter-long light installation, inspired by classic neon signage. 

On the office floors, different modes of work – physical and virtual, loud and quiet – can take place in parallel thanks to an acoustic concept that includes sound-absorbing walls, ceiling panels and heavy felt curtains, through to the spatial organization of offices and meeting rooms. 

The design follows a distinct visual identity based on the idea of a uniform. Like a well-tailored suit styled with statement pieces and colorful accents, the uniform has clear lines and a monochrome color palette in black, white and gray: Coarse industrial materials like steel grating, raw steel and black-stained wood are used throughout. Serviceplan’s ethos of communication and integration is expressed through unique, oversized furniture pieces. 

HENN Interiors worked with local manufacturers to develop exclusive elements, including textiles and bespoke lighting pieces. A vintage design piece – a robust and minimalistic chair that was used by Germany’s police departments in the 1950s – was reissued and developed into a whole line of furniture including benches, stools and tables. A custom-built flexible shelving system also serves as a multifunctional room divider.