Leigh & Orange Limited

InnoCell, as an iconic and unique residential institution, has successfully emphasized spatial experience in a sense that the floor is equipped with facilities beyond a conventional office provision. Five different communal zones have been defined Co-LIVING, Co-ESSENTIALS, Co-WORK, Co-PLAY Zone to match tenant’s unique hobbies and requirements in Hong Kong Science and Technology Park. InnoCell envisioned bringing together the like-minded people and offering a perfect epitome of the innovation in line with the Science Park’s culture of ‘Work. Live. Play. Learn.’. Every level has shared living spaces to cater to different needs, as well as to foster a smart “Live and Share” living community. The green spaces and open communal spaces are incorporated specifically for the wellness and enjoyment of the residents, facilitating a green healthy lifestyle and social cohesion. Our approach is to provide a strong social interaction area for tenants to choose and utilize areas ranging from commercial living-style (active/co-work) with a variety of authentic communal spaces (passive/co-live). Communal space is placed at the gravitational centre of the InnoCell to promote social interactions. Instead of the traditional organization of communal space on isolated individual floors, we have created voids and atriums to simulate a diverse range of interconnected “micro-communities” rather than one single exclusive club to promote a shared life-style and ideas cross-pollination. In addition, tenants have access to engage in discrete activity on each floor distilled technologically and socially.