Intercity Hotel

Vermilion Zhou Design Group

Extreme Business

We maximize the "business functions" to create "extreme business," which is the difference reflected in the many hotel choices of Intercity Hotels characteristics.


"Time" is the most critical point for business travellers, and the efficient completion of each link is the actual behaviour of smooth connection in business travel. Visually, the hint of "time" confirms the sense of security of business travellers, removes the overly sensible cold tone, and embraces every tired soul in the struggle; it is a warm light brown tone.

Less is More

"Less is More" is the "refined" aesthetics proposed by the German modernist architect Ludwig Mies van der Rohe. The design of the Intercity Hotel inherits the German DNA, the function is practical and refined, and it sensibly perfectly interprets elegant German aesthetics.


"Efficiency," the omnipresent meeting scene, fits the pursuit of "efficiency" and adapts to frequent and immediate domestic business activities. But the firm and gentle covering softens every strong business negotiation.


When returning to private space, the guest rooms have equal functions (Washing zone→Rest and entertainment zone→Work zone), which can be switched at will. Comfort is still a matter, not only just to fit business customers. The design focus on every detail to pursue the perfect and meticulous. Reflash themselves again tomorrow to provide the guest with a good rest experience.

Intercity Hotel is positioned as an "extreme business," but we also want to deliver sensual and tolerant. After simplifying and removing unnecessary interference, it gently removes the defensive armour of every business traveller and offers the most essential physical and mental needs with peace of mind.