into_the force



Into_the force is completed in Sept. 2021(280㎡). Making an ingenious use of “joints” as a designing tool, we create consistent design, usage and aesthetic logics that run through all the furniture, space, façade and packaged products we designed. A transforming furniture system allows the space to be simply switched among different modes; a retreated glass door sets apart the entrance to be thoroughly connected with the outside, breaking the indoor and outdoor boundaries. Design language In this project, we intend to express the design permeating the space naturally. Upon entering the space, visitors are embraced with a primitive and coarse feeling communicated through a subtle spatial discipline. Stop and stare, he/she will see the exquisite side within the seemingly primitive appearance. Such a strong bond between the primitive and exquisite delivers the essential spirit of the space. After skillful renovation, the exposed concrete creates its own style. Joints Alike fairies of the space, joints physically connect all the elements into a unity. Through joints, we create a consistent design logic connecting all the elements, from architectural features to the relationship between interior and furniture design, all the way to the brand packaging and products. Logical translation Under a consistent design logic and unified architectural context, we develop a furniture system which includes door handles, lamps, fence gates, coffee tables, exhibition stand and adjustable seats. Features of birch composite board and metal parts are leveraged to the utmost to integrate furniture and joints system into the primal spatial discipline.