Jewel VIP Lounge

Benoy Limited

Jewel Changi VIP Lounge is located within Jewel Changi Airport. The design brief was to provide an exclusive and luxurious lounge in Jewel that offers a differentiated and unique experience for an exclusive group of Jewel guests such as government ministers and high-net worth individuals. The lounge also serves as a platform to cross-promote Jewel tenants and sponsors.

Inspired from a ravine, a crack on Earth’s surface, the main body of the space is clad with monolithic natural materials such as wood and unique stones. Being a small space of only 145 sqm, Benoy focused on exceptionally luxurious details and fine, tactile qualities in the carpentries and choice of lighting and furniture as the key design drivers throughout the entire space. The Jewel Suite maximizes the compact area by creating various functional spaces that serve different needs. The main lounge welcomes guests upon entry and houses the bar, complemented by a TV lounge with an adjacent balcony that overlooks the greenery of the Forest Valley, and an intimate private lounge for added privacy. The space is designed to ensure that the valued guests are provided an exclusive and comfortable space to relax and unwind during their stay in Jewel Changi Airport.