Jinyi Imax Cinemas at Liuzhou The Mixc

One Plus Partnership Limited

Liuzhou, China is located on the banks of the winding Liu River. This clear and green river is one of the main navigable rivers that runs through Liuzhou and is famous for its curved shape. The two sides of the Liu River have gathered many small and big families. While the Liu River has connected everyone together, the people are also guarding this piece of pure land in the south and coexisting harmoniously with the nature. The long and curly shape of the Liu River is reminiscent of film rolls, which is one of the main elements in movie-making. In addition to the similarities of the shapes between the two, film is also a media that can connect people together regardless of borders. Combining local characteristics with film elements to show the wonderful connection between people. When one enters the cinema lobby, you can immediately see the breathtaking wavy walls descending from the ceiling - the designers have deliberately captured the natural curvy forms of the rivers. The running rivers reflected the sparkling glimmer of the sunshine. This is the reason why the designers have decided to leave the original colors of these natural materials so to correspond tightly with the theme. The wavy wall extends all the way to the corridor, leading the audience to the auditorium, it incorporates the concept of rivers. The blue wall and ceiling features imitate the shimmering spots on the surface of the water, which makes the audience feel like being surrounded by rivers.