Client: Guangzhou Kangcheng Enterprise Management Service Co., Ltd

JOOYU was born to improve the living environment of the urban elite, and there are two keys to solving the problem: one is the superior location, and the other is the perfect public facilities. Most of the youth apartments are only about 30㎡, and the people living in them are like an island. No matter how powerful the function and how complete the storage, it is impossible to meet all needs of life. The voice of fleeing the big cities has never stopped, which is manifested in the hopelessness of living for a long time, and in essence, the lack of a sense of belonging and social identity. On this premise, the design of apartments cannot only talk about function and not about humanity, but also create public spaces for people to interact with each other.

As Corbusier designed, the Marseille apartment is a longevity building full of life because it creates public spaces that can accommodate and incubate a variety of activities.

The Chinese name of the apartment is inspired by Dale Carnegie's summary of the three stages of life: reading oneself, pleasing oneself, and transgressing oneself. In the process of urban housing reform, through the transformation of the internal functions of the space, it is undoubtedly a beautiful activation model to bring an urban space narrative that can be inherited, provide more life content for residents to choose, and at the same time bring fresh young power to the old town that is gradually losing vitality. 

Project info.

  • Design Area: 700㎡
  • Interior Design: C&C DESIGN CO.,LTD.
  • Design Director: Peng Zheng
  • Lead Designer: Zeng Qinghao / Ding Qi / Yang Yahui
  • Design Date: Dec, 2021
  • Completion Date: Oct, 2022
  • Main Materials: Fireproof board, terrazzo tile, Metallic paint, Terrazzo