Kaisa Clouds by the River

Nine Dimension Design

The project with a design area of 997 sq m was completed in October 2020. The project takes parent-child paradise as the product positioning, "Hello, bear" as the architecture theme and "creative children's fun" as the landscape theme, and "Jiajia's dreamland" as the interior design theme, aims to create "the largest children theme experience center in Southwest China" with the integration of three majors. In alignment with the tone of the project, we transform the brand image IP into the main role of the whole story, with magic and scene-based design expression to embark on an immersive adventure. The space and time where Jiajia is in is an independent magic world, where the magic castle, cloud world and all kinds of spirits are expecting your presence. As your imagination of space is totally updated, a magical adventure begins. In the lobby the flexible curved walls and curved blocks are interlaced, making it like a mysterious cave and thus giving the space infinite possibilities of extension. In the changing light and shadow, the breathing lamp, as if containing a mysterious power, leads us into a colorful, multi-dimensional world. Lift the veil of the lobby and enter the wonderful plain, you will find yourself in a suddenly extensive, totally different world. The space is presented in the form of mirror image, so that the lake is reflected into the sky, the white sprays dancing in the air.