KOI building, new UCJC University Madrid Campus


Client: Ortiz León

The objective is to create an underwater world, a unique experience in spaces filled with tranquility and harmony. We created an organic, flexible, and sustainable ecosystem in which everything is in harmony and equilibrium, a world submerged where the user is at their best self. 

Where before stood a dark and out of date building, now stands a building with skylights, lower level and upper-level terraces, nature, fountains. KOI was finished in august 2022 and has created a huge impact and is a gift to the surrounding buildings. 

The building from the outside is seen with a glass skin materialized in a plastic form with a series of undulations which softens its corners and emphasizes access to the building, providing vast amounts of natural light. Inside the building, as “the heart”, the central atrium was built. This 3 story space functions as the center of interrelations between the building’s occupants, and in turn is the nexus for physical and visual connection of the different floors while the light from other spaces floods in

The architectural challenge was to create a space where everything flows. The nature is both physically and visually integrated, just as much in the interior as in the exterior gardens, accompanying you throughout your journey. To top off the building we have created a garden on the deck, giving a place for a landscaped terrace full of areas and corners for collaborative work. 

This project has been designed to comprehensively consider all the climate change aspects since its architectural conception to create a green, sustainable, and bioclimatic building. With all these changes, it has received the precertification LEED platinum, and WELL platinum, those certification grades assure that it saves energy, water, and resources, additionally to generate less waste and prioritize the health and wellbeing of the users.