Lanzhai vegetarian restaurant

Beijing PRO Lighting Design Co., Ltd

Client brief: Lanzhai is a vegetarian restaurant located in the east corner of the Sanlitun Mechanical College (formerly known as the "Beijing Elementary Industrial School" founded by the Beijing Education Bureau in 1907). The environment is quiet despite being located in a busy area. The restaurant has three floors, two above ground and one below ground (kitchen). The private rooms are on the first floor (an additional private room was added on the second floor after adjustments), while the hall is on the second floor, covering a total of about 600 square meters (including approximately 200 square meters of scenery).

Design concept: Exploring the Value of Lighting in Restaurant Spaces: "Implicit Light" .Natural, intermediate, and organic lighting are responses to customer groups, emotions, and spatial understanding. In these three states, light is not the subject, but is hidden within space or integrated into objects. This article reflects on and interprets the value of lighting in vegetarian restaurants.In the Lan Zhai restaurant, light is sometimes used as a material, a means, or a reflection to provide a comfortable and unparalleled dining experience, and to convey a new concept of "good life" to everyone.

completion date:31/12/2022

Covered area :600㎡