Le Royal Meridien Club Tower


Despite being constructed and decorated beautifully, the Meridien Club Tower was looking for a much lighter and softer touch to their rooms. To be specific, something that would better resonate with the luxurious beachside feeling of the view outside the rooms. And our team of designers knew exactly what to change in those rooms, so they felt all the more inviting. The client brief stated that Le Royal Meridien Club Tower was looking to refurbish the suites and the guest-rooms in a way that would keep the overall feel and look of the main tower intact. The brief also mentioned that the rooms should have a beach-like vibe to it, further emphasizing it as the premium holiday destination. The tower stood tall among the many skyscrapers of the city, which means that every visitor would have a great view of the city and the beach. Therefore, much of our team’s efforts would go into subtly solidifying that summer holiday feel. What makes this project special is easily the clever use of standard finishes. These gave the rooms a much deserved lavish feel while still keeping it similar to the look of the main hotel and guest rooms. Moreover, the team contrasted white oak timber against the black metal, which complimented the blush pink and turquoise colors. In conclusion, the Club Tower was an exciting venture for the LW portfolio. The unique look of the rooms and the straightforward requirements of the project made it one of our finest ones yet.