Levels Plus

Republican Metropolis Architecture

The designer uses dynamic curves to visualize music in the space. The sound wave curves run through the entire space as a design element, and fluctuates randomly with the motion lines of the space. And they are overlapped and staggered with the use of light and shadow produced by multimedia and a stack of specular materials. As for spatial layout and function, the convergent field with single focus and experience of conventional self-service KTV is changed, and the spatial relation is rearranged with divergent and multi-focus free experience. Out of the elevator, the first sight is the lobby with the strongest visual stimulation. The distorted sound waves are molded into twisty dynamic shapes, embracing the entire space. In the field of physics, dimensionality reduction of space is termed as "folding". In the lobby space, the designer folds the perception of solidity in the space by changing the boundaries of color and material with lamplight while capturing the space focus. In an attempt to destroy the "compensation" mechanism of the brain with the combined effect of invisible focus and color with vanishing boundary, the exploration of dimensionality reduction from three-dimensional space to two-dimensional space is constantly strengthened. The streamlined design elements, coupled with dreamy lamp shadows, evoke endless reverie. The experiencers feel like they are wandering in and exploring a mysterious dreamland. Chase the truth for a moment in distortion.