Lindt Home of Chocolate

Brand World

The Lindt Home of Chocolate invites visitors on a Chocolate Tour to learn all about the origins, the history and the production of the mouth-watering delicacy. In the foyer of the museum, the world's highest, free-standing chocolate fountain serves as the prelude to the world of chocolate – It is 9.30m high and circulates 1,000 litres of liquid chocolate. Borne along by the aroma of chocolate, visitors proceed on a tour of discovery on 1,500 sq m. The museum’s scenography creates atmospheric room pictures, scenarios the visitors can immerse in. They follow the process from bean to bar, starting with a cocoa plantation in Ghana up to an actual chocolate factory. Sounds, smells, media stations and visitor-participation systems allow them to become part of those scenarios. Designed individually, each exhibition room communicates through the senses and with information to convey an aspect of the world of chocolate. In the “Pilot Plant”, visitors can see the production of chocolate first hand, but the Pilot Plant is also used by specialists to develop new chocolate creations. Augmented animation enables a unique view into the insides of the machines. The Chocolate Tour ends with a chocolate souvenir from this testing system, packaged in a golden ball, it rolls through a lovingly designed marble run before it falls into the hands of the visitor.