DDDD Creative Company

Shenzhen, like a castle built up with reinforced concrete, is a metropolis driven by the hustle and bustle of life. This fast-paced city calls for a space to temporarily escape from fatigue and restlessness. DDDD Creative Company was entrusted by the client to design a typical Thai massage and spa space in the city. The entrance room, as a waiting and display area, isolates the noise from the streets. The light is reflected on the red brick wall through the gate's round window and the reeded glass with fuzzy transparency. With "loess" as the main tone of the space, retro materials of the same color scheme such as red bricks, thin rock slabs, terrazzo, red dyeing cloth, earthy red antique bricks are mixed to portray the trace of the ancient city of Lan Na Kingdom. The second floor is paved with soft carpet. The mirrors, transparent glass, thick curtains and semi-transparent shutters, as well as varying textures of the floor, create sensory illusion and an immersive spatial experience. The top part of the stairs is deliberately lowered to set up a red-brick pool to enhance the sense of traveling between ancient structures. In terms of brand design, the DDDD Creative Company hopes to endow the brand with the imprint and experience of the ancient capital of Lan Na Kingdom. The Loess, which bears the past traces and is used to embrace time and memory, gives birth to the brand name LOESSSPA.